In a North Jutland, which has developed into Denmark’s most attractive tourist area, Aalborg is the natural centre. Aalborg is the third largest city in Denmark with 210.000 inhabitants, it is a transport centre and it is lively meeting place for travellers from many countries.

Aalborg is the largest conference centre in the Danish provinces and Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre houses a large number of congresses, meetings, exhibitions and cultural events.

It was the Vikings who founded a settlement at the point where the Limfjord is narrowest, and through the years, the city developed into one of the busiest trading centres in the country. Trade and wealth set their mark on the city and the many old buildings downtown.

We can mention Jens Bang’s House, a Renaissance structure from 1624, Jorgen Olufsen’s Gaard from 1616, and the lovely Aalborghus mansion from 1539. The 15th century cathedral, dedicated to the English St. Botolph and known as “Budolfi Church” as well as Denmark’s oldest social service institution, the Monastery of the Holy Ghost from 1431.

Taking a gentle stroll is also a great way to experience Aalborg. The network of pedestrian streets, with its busy shops, binds the city centre together and if you feel the need of refreshment, Aalborg has about 300 restaurants to serve you; many of them situated in the famous entertainment street known as “Jomfru Ane Gade”.

The constant stream of visitors from abroad has given the business life of the city its own special international character. There is a whole series of specialist shops, side by side with the large department stores and supermarkets.

Downtown Aalborg offers a relaxed atmosphere, a nice shopping area, walking streets, cafés, a lot of domestic and international restaurants, all inside a short walking distance from the Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel.

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